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Dream Publishing was established by Lorna Lorraine, a prolific writer, who at the age of ten was a Spelling Bee champion. She wrote and produced plays, along with her siblings, for entertaining neighborhood children while growing up in St. Andrew, Jamaica, W.I. At a time when television on the island was confined to one channel, there was a lot of focus on education and room to use one's own creativity.

Lorna has held multiple job titles - - drafter, engineer, auditor, -- while raising three children to adulthood after divorcing more than two decades ago. Lorna has written articles for community newsletters, and had her professional exposure as an Editorial Coordinator for a Bridal Magazine. While battling a debilitating illness for several years, at age 50, Lorna made the move from community volunteer to literary entrepreneur.

In one giant step, Lorna launched Dream Publishing with the arrival of her first book Lyrical Dreamweaver, an anthology of Love and Life. This was a two-fold venture which in no way ceased her community participation. Lorna has since then completed and published the sequel to her first anthology and added many other projects to her portfolio that helped to morph the company into a small publishing business. She enjoys being a young grandmother.

We invite you to submit your:

  • articles
  • excerpts of your fiction-based short stories
  • poems and prose.

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Read, Enjoy, Subscribe, then give us your feedback. We love to hear from you.

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